Brady PAC Endorses Rob Bonta for Election as California Attorney General

WASHINGTON – Brady PAC, the sister organization of Brady, the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention advocacy group, announced today their endorsement of Rob Bonta for election as Attorney General.

Since taking office in 2021, Attorney General Bonta has been a proven champion for common-sense gun safety reforms and for holding the gun industry accountable. Bonta has addressed the growing gun violence epidemic by defending California’s law banning deadly assault weapons, retaining the state’s prohibition on large-capacity magazines, working to hold manufacturers of unserialized and untraceable ghost guns responsible for public harm, and promoting effective community programs to reduce violence.

“As our nation faces a gun violence epidemic like none ever before, sending Rob Bonta back to the Attorney General’s office is an urgent step that will help keep California’s communities safe,” said Brady PAC Deputy Executive Director Ashley Lantz. “No other candidate in this race has done more to help prevent gun violence than Rob Bonta. We urge California voters to send him back to Sacramento to continue this important fight.”


About Brady PAC:

Based in Washington, DC, Brady PAC is dedicated to a singular goal: creating a safer America by supporting and investing in candidates who are committed to enacting, improving, and defending Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) policies across the country.  

Formed leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, Brady PAC was created to serve as a counterweight to “dark money” Super PACs created by the gun industry lobby. It upholds the policy ideals that have been championed by its sister organization, Brady — one of the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention grassroots advocacy organizations. To learn more – visit


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