Brady PAC is dedicated to a singular goal: creating a safer America by supporting and investing in candidates who are committed to enacting, improving, and defending Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) policies across the country.


Formed leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, Brady PAC was created to serve as a counterweight to “dark money” Super PACs created by the gun industry lobby. It upholds the policy ideals that have been championed by its sister organization, Brady — one of the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention grassroots advocacy organizations. Brady PAC supports candidates running for local, state, and federal office who support universal background checks, reenacting the assault weapons ban, extreme risk protection orders, and instituting other common-sense gun violence prevention legislation that will make our homes, schools, and communities safer.

A Winning Strategy
That Makes an Impact

Brady PAC takes a comprehensive approach, making strategic investments across all levels of government, up and down the ballot, to create a multiplier effect for positive change. We do not shy away from tough races — aggressively targeting gun industry favorites when warranted.

In the 2020 cycle, Brady PAC invested approximately $4M in direct and directed contributions to over 200 state, local, and federal candidates, as well as Independent Expenditures, achieving victory in nearly 80% of those races.

Where We Are Going in 2022

In the short years since Brady PAC’s formation, support for our issue continues to swell.

 In 2020, we experienced exponential growth driven by the American public’s overwhelming commitment to ending the gun violence epidemic. Brady PAC will continue to build off of this momentum and pursue an aggressive plan for 2022 and beyond. 

At the federal level, Brady PAC put its full weight behind protecting and expanding the House of Representatives’ gun violence prevention majority and flipping the Senate, reflecting the will of the vast majority of Americans who want to see common-sense gun measures enacted. We are confident that a Biden presidency coupled with a gun violence prevention majority in both the House and the Senate will allow us to pass meaningful, life-saving gun safety legislation. With Brady PAC’s commitment up and down the ballot, we will invest in a wide array of races in order to keep all of our communities safe.