Brady PAC Endorses Biden-Harris Ticket, Names Gun Violence Survivors to National Advisory Council

WASHINGTONBrady PAC, the political arm of Brady, launched its 2024 election campaign today by endorsing the Biden-Harris presidential ticket for re-election and announcing the creation of a new National Advisory Council to guide additional endorsements during the 2024 cycle.

Created in 2018 to counter the gun industry lobby’s dark money Super PACs, Brady PAC endorses federal and state gun violence prevention champions who support common-sense gun safety policies, including universal background checks, safe storage, and a ban on new assault weapons. In the 2022 cycle, Brady PAC raised $3.3 million to support 224 candidates for federal and state office.  

“The historic Brady Bill enacted in 1994 and the comprehensive package of gun safety reforms enacted in 2022 have one thing in common: Joe Biden at the center of the fight to save lives and protect children and families from the scourge of gun violence. With deep gratitude for his leadership and full confidence that he will build on his unparalleled gun safety record in his second term, we unequivocally endorse President Biden for re-election,” said Ashley Lantz, executive director of Brady PAC.

Brady PAC’s National Advisory Council is composed of a diverse group of leaders and experts in gun violence prevention, public health, and federal & state politics, including five survivors of gun violence. Members will advise Brady PAC on its political strategy, communications, fundraising, and engagement with federal and state candidates for office.

“President Biden would be the first to remind us that having allies in Congress and state legislatures is also essential as we take on the dark money and corrupt influence of the gun lobby,” said Lantz. “In addition to keeping the White House in good hands, Brady PAC and its National Advisory Council will also work tirelessly to surround President Biden with legislative champions up and down the ballot who will prioritize additional steps — from expanded background checks to bans on assault weapons — to finally end America’s gun violence epidemic.”   

“Ever since our beloved Jaime was taken from us in the preventable Parkland shooting in 2018, I have been working with Brady and Brady PAC to accelerate efforts to end the unique American carnage of gun violence. I am proud to join Brady PAC as we do everything possible to prevent another family from experiencing the nightmare that mine endures every single day that we live without Jaime,” said Fred Guttenberg, a survivor of gun violence and one of the 12 members of the National Advisory Council. “We must remove the liars, the dividers, and the obstructionists from office who stand with the gun industry over our children’s safety.”

“As a teacher for more than 30 years and a survivor of the tragedy in Newtown in 2012, I’m honored to be included in this Council,” said Abbey Clements, co-founder of Teachers Unify to End Gun Violence. “Educators are on the frontlines of this public health crisis and must be included in discussions that drive solutions and much-needed change.”

Brady PAC’s National Advisory Council includes:

Patricia Oliver

Survivor of gun violence, Mother of Joaquin Oliver
Co-Founder, Change the Ref

Fred Guttenberg

Survivor of gun violence, Father of Jaime Guttenberg
Activist and Co-Founder, Orange Ribbons for Jaime

Gregory Jackson, Jr.

Survivor of gun violence
Executive Director, Community Justice

T. Christian Heyne

Survivor of gun violence
Vice President of Policy and Programs, Brady Campaign

Stephanie Ervin

PAC Director, Alliance for Gun Responsibility
Founding Partner and Consultant, North Star Strategies

Alexis Confer

Political Strategist and Gun Violence Prevention Advocate
Inaugural Executive Director, March for Our Lives

Kenny Sandoval

Latino Activist

Rachel Gonzalez

Gen Z Activist
National Organizing Manager, Brady Campaign

Crystal Cooper

Strategic communications professional
Inaugural March for Our Lives Communications Director

Dave Mitrani

Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock


Brady PAC is dedicated to a singular goal: creating a safer America by supporting and investing in candidates who are committed to enacting, improving, and defending Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) policies across the country. It upholds the policy ideals championed by its sister organization – one of the nation’s oldest GVP grassroots advocacy organizations.