Brady PAC Endorses 28 Gun Safety Champions in 2023 New Jersey Legislative Elections

September 15, 2023

WASHINGTON – Brady PAC today announced 28 endorsements of New Jersey legislative candidates in one of the leading gun violence prevention states in the country. These endorsements are part of Brady PAC’s campaign to expand Phil Murphy’s Senate and House majorities in November 2023.

Brady PAC, the political arm of Brady, was created in 2018 to counter the gun industry lobby’s dark money Super PACs. Brady PAC endorses gun violence prevention champions who support common-sense gun safety policies, including universal background checks, safe storage, and a ban on new assault weapons.

“Trenton has long led with some of the strongest evidence-based gun violence prevention policies in the country. We need to build on that momentum and end the gun violence epidemic once and for all,” said Ashley Lantz, Brady PAC’s executive director. “With more Brady-backed champions in office, we can transform Garden State communities for the better.”

New Jersey’s strong gun laws currently include universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs), a ban on large capacity magazines, gun dealer oversight and industry accountability, restrictions on assault weapons and concealed carry, and regulation of homemade and untraceable ghost guns, among others. The Garden State has one of the lowest gun death rates in the country.

“We at Brady have led the way in passing some of the nation’s strongest gun laws, and they’re clearly having an impact. Now is the time to move forward in creating even greater change and we can only do that with more Brady-backed champions in office,” stated Carole Stiller, President, Brady New Jersey.

Brady PAC’s New Jersey Legislative Endorsed Candidates include:

  • Sen. Andrew Zwicker, LD-16
  • Asw. Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, LD-15
  • Garnet R. Hall, LD-28
  • Sen. Gordon M. Johnson, LD-37
  • Asw. Shama Haider, LD-37
  • Sen. Vin Gopal, LD-11
  • Asw. Ellen J. Park, LD-37
  • Sen. Shirley K. Turner, LD-15
  • Luanne Peterpaul, LD-11
  • Margie Donlon, LD-11
  • Asm. Roy Freiman, LD-16
  • Sen. Joe Lagana, LD-38
  • Asw. Lisa Swain, LD-38
  • Asm. Chris Tully, LD-38
  • Mitchelle Drulis, LD-16
  • Cody Miller, LD-4
  • Paul Moriarty, LD-4
  • Dan Hutchison, LD-4
  • Sen. Patrick Diegnan, LD-18
  • Sen. Joseph Cryan, LD-20
  • Asm. Robert Karabinchak, LD-18
  • Raya Arbiol, LD-12
  • Asm. Louis D. Greenwald, LD-6
  • Asm. John F. McKeon, LD-27
  • Asm. Craig J. Coughlin, Speaker, LD-19
  • Sen. Teresa Ruiz, LD-29
  • Sen. Nick Scutari, Senate President, LD-22
  • Asw. Carol Murphy, LD–7


Brady PAC is dedicated to a singular goal: creating a safer America by supporting and investing in candidates who are committed to enacting, improving, and defending Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) policies across the country. It upholds the policy ideals championed by its sister organization – one of the nation’s oldest GVP grassroots advocacy organizations.