Gun control advocates believe Texans are increasingly coming around to their cause, and one group is taking encouragement from a recent poll it commissioned. The early July poll from Brady PAC, which was shared with us this week, shows the following:

Likely voters in Texas are more supportive of tightening gun laws than they are of the status quo. Fifty-two percent of respondents said gun sale laws should be stricter than they are now, while 35% expressed support for keeping them as they are. Separately, 52% said guns should be harder to obtain, versus 41% who backed the way things currently are.

By a 1-point margin — 47% to 46% — respondents said it’s more important to curb gun violence than protect the rights of gun owners.

The survey tested four specific proposals and found majority support for each. The ideas were requiring safe-storage devices for all new gun purchases (69%), creating a federal firearms registry (57%), banning assault weapons (50%) and outlawing high-capacity magazines (50%).

In addition to the gun issues, the survey tested the presidential race in Texas and found President Donald Trump leading presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by 5 percentage points. That was within the margin of error and was generally consistent with other recent Texas surveys.

The Brady poll was conducted July 6-12 by GBAO Strategies. The firm interviewed 1,021 likely voters using live calls and text-to-web interviews. The margin of error was +/- 3.1 points.