It’s an Election Year

All, or at least many, of these new gun owners just might become gun voters, leading NSSF to launch its voter education outreach program dubbed “GunVote.”

According to NSSF Public Affairs Director Mark Oliva, “We are reminding everyone who cherishes their God-given rights of what’s at stake and encouraging them to get informed, get involved and get to the voting booth. We’re telling gun owners – don’t risk your rights. Get registered to vote and make your choice heard through the ballot box.”

As Insider Online has previously noted, much is at stake on Nov. 3, especially the effort to bring balance to the federal courts by filling vacancies with constitutional judges.

“The choices faced by voters when it comes to the future of Second Amendment rights couldn’t be more stark,” Oliva noted in a message to Insider Online. “The Biden/Harris ticket poses the greatest threat to the firearm industry and to gun rights as any candidacy. This is a campaign that embraced forcible confiscation of lawfully-owned firearms.”

It doesn’t get much plainer than that. Underscoring this are a couple of other figures we stumbled across in story appearing in The Hill, which has covered Capitol Hill politics for many years.

• Brady PAC had raised “nearly $100,000 for the Biden campaign” by late August, with the goal to raise $250,000.
• Giffords, the organization created by former Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords, had contributed $10,000 to the Biden campaign victory fund, but it is spending almost $200,000 to federal campaigns in an effort to flip the Senate to Democrats.

According to NSSF, Biden and Harris “want universal background checks, which won’t work without a national registry, which is expressly forbidden by federal law.”

Ultimately, the trade association predicted, Biden/Harris “would force states to adopt registries through licensing schemes that would create watch lists of law-abiding gun owners simply for exercising their rights.”

The only way to head that off will be for gun owners to register to vote, and then actually cast a ballot. The entire gun rights community is urging gun owners to vote.

Writing last month in Forbes, Chris Dorsey had this observation: “Democrats are giddy at the notion that the NRA — spending much of its money on mounting legal fees and under gunned for the coming political fight—might be largely irrelevant this election cycle. What they are grossly miscalculating, however, is the resolve of gun owners who comprise perhaps the nation’s largest voting bloc. Gun owners see the President as a steadfast ally. Conversely, they tend to see Democrats the way ship captains view icebergs. Senator Biden famously said, if elected, he’d turn gun confiscation duties over to Beto O’Rourke, in an exchange that did far more to motivate gun owners than anything the NRA could have concocted in their war room.”



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