Biden Outlines New Gun-Control Measures, Including on ‘Ghost Guns,’ Arm Braces

White House seeks ways to implement new restrictions, as congressional Republicans and NRA oppose most Democratic proposals

WASHINGTON—President Biden outlined a series of actions he said would help curb gun violence, as the White House seeks new ways to work around congressional Republicans who have objected to most Democratic gun proposals.

Mr. Biden said he wants untraceable weapons known as ghost guns that can be made from parts purchased online to be treated as firearms, requiring serial numbers and buyer background checks.

The president also said he wants pistols modified with the kind of arm brace used by the shooter who killed 10 people last month in Boulder, Colo., to be subject to restrictions that require buyers to pay a fee and submit identifying information to the Justice Department. A brace makes a firearm more stable and accurate.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said the administration would write proposed rules to address both issues.

The administration also will make $1 billion in grants available to community violence intervention programs, and the Justice Department will issue a report on firearms trafficking, Mr. Garland said.



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